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Jayla Fincher, MS, LMFT


**Effective August 2022, I will be exclusively virtual/telehealth**


Welcome! Embarking on at therapeutic journey is a courageous, vulnerable, and worthwhile endeavor. As a therapist, I am focused on facilitating meaningful treatment to help my clients live more fulfilling, balanced, and emotionally connected lives.

Many of us grew up understanding emotions are something to be controlled, held in , or managed. These beliefs give the impression that emotions are a nuisance. A reckless internal force that serves no other purpose than to create disruption and chaos. This lends us to believe that expressing emotions makes us "weak," "dramatic," or worse- "pathetic." No wonder so many people feel confused and/or overwhelmed by their emotions - they don't stop happening despite our best efforts to pretend they aren't there!

Emotions are a part of our biology and are a major component of our humanity. I believe our bodies have an innate intelligence and sophisticated system of communication, but despite this complexity, our emotions are pretty straight forward. Quite simply: emotions are chemical reactions of valuable data within our mind and body about:

  • our internal experience

  • our experience of the world around us

These two realms - our inner world and outer world - are interacting constantly. When we learn to listen to emotions and bodily sensations rather than disconnect from them or suppress them, they serve as a guide to making more conscientious, informed, and healthful decisions. 


My passion is around shifting the way clients relate to their inner experience, as well as growing their capacity to relate to and connect with others. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  (EMDR), an evidence-based treatment that facilitates our brain's natural capacity for health and healing.  EMDR is more broadly known for its application in treatment of PTSD and complex trauma, however, this approach is also effective for a wide range of issues such as: people pleasing, micromanaging/hovering tendencies, conflict avoidance, difficulty with self-advocacy or boundaries, phobias, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and self esteem.

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), also an evidence-based treatment, which I primarily use in  my work with couples to explore and transform the painful and repetitive conflict patterns that leave partners feeling hurt and disconnected. This empirically-validated approach draws upon the science of attachment theory to help couples become aware of their communication strategies, deepening awareness of what's happening within an individual, which then influences what happens between individuals.

I bring authenticity, warmth, acceptance, and humor into my sessions as my clients and I work together to bring positive, long-lasting changes to help them become their more authentic selves.

Contact me to schedule a consultation call to see if we'd be a good fit to work together!

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Fees and Insurance Accepted

Session Fees: (Please see Financial Agreement for full explanation)

$150.00 Intake

$130.00 Child, Adult, Family or Couples Sessions

$175.00 75 minute Couple/Family Session

Insurance Accepted:

Jayla is not accepting insurance at this time.

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