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Keeping Clients Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis

Canyon Pines Counseling wants to let all of our clients and colleagues know that we take your mental health and physical health seriously. Our office is open and we are seeing clients in our practice. In light of the recent Covid-19 concerns, we want to let our clients and colleagues know that we continue to monitor the most recent updates by the CDC. Here at Canyon Pines Counseling we are taking steps to reduce possible exposure to this virus, these steps include: 

  • Asking clients and staff to wash hands before and after each session 

  • We ask there to be only one client or family in the waiting area at any given time (We have chairs outside the office should you need to wait and the waiting room is already occupied.) 

  • Canyon Pines staff is working to stagger our appointment times among therapists to reduce the number of people coming in contact with one another 

  • We are routinely wiping down counters, door knobs and tables with disinfectant 

  • We have replaced coffee mugs and glasses with disposable cups for the time being 

  • We encourage keeping a distance of 6 feet from one another for the time being as recommended by the CDC 

  • Although we love hugs and handshakes, we ask that everyone refrain from physical contact at this time 

  • As recommended by the CDC, we respectfully ask clients wear masks in the hall, waiting area and in the office for the time being.

  • We ask that all clients and staff refrain from coming into the office if they have any cold or flu- like symptoms or have had a fever 

  • We encourage you to talk to your therapist about the option of tele-therapy if you have any concerns about coming into the office 

From time to time we receive updates from the CDC and the governor's office regarding best practices to prevent the spread of   Covid-19.  As we become aware of new information we will work to the best of our ability to keep clients and staff informed.

We care about our clients and their families. While we would miss seeing you in the office if you need to cancel/reschedule or chose to do tele-therapy, we do understand and support your decisions about taking the most appropriate actions to feel safe and healthy. 

In Health and Community, 

The Staff of Canyon Pines Counseling 

Please check out these recommendations from Canyon Pines Counseling:

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